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About élite chapeau

Since its establishment in 1930, élite chapeau has been focusing on manufacturing women's hats utilizing new technology in addition to traditional craftsmanship.

In recent years, we have developed our own CAD system specialized in drawing patterns of fabric hats in order to quantify the design and to make a database of all the products according to material and style.
This new technology, together with traditional craftsmanship, enabled us to create more precise and beautiful silhouette of each hat.

While incorporating technological changes, our philosophy towards manufacturing hats has been always the same.

We commit you to continue manufacturing hats which bring you joy.

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elite chapeau 剃I作εƒNƒX子γ��ζ ƒF式δƒVšηAƒZゃBッFッVγƒˆγ��since1930

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